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How America’s #1 creamer brand can help you build your sales

Why do office coffee service operators tell us that they make Coffee mate® a cornerstone of their business?

In the words of Steve Bailey, CEO of Merus Refreshment Services in the Carolinas, “We like Coffee mate so much because it’s a world of generic products out there, and Coffee mate sets us apart as a company. It helps us set the quality benchmark. With Coffee mate I can take a small account and grow it by introducing a few different flavors of creamer in a really nice presentation creamer rack. They work!”

Steve goes on to say, “The important things are, we take care of a customer and give them great service, that’s our mission, but we are driving revenue, too — we want to sell as much product into an account as possible. You may get a customer to carry one or two types of coffee, and for the most part, one sugar. A sweetener is a sweetener is a sweetener. But Coffee mate allows us to introduce real allied variety into an account.”

Secrets for success

What are some of Steve’s secrets to boosting sales? He introduces customers to new creamer flavors by having his reps take in a rack of at least four flavored Coffee mate creamers when they make a call. “We encourage customers to sample different combinations — the flavors they haven’t tried,” he says, “and we always include a new product like Italian Sweet Creme or one of the seasonal flavors like Peppermint Mocha.”

Merus carries nine standard Coffee mate flavors and three additional seasonal flavors, and they typically sell in as many as five to six SKUs per account. “People want variety,” Steve says. “Everybody likes what they like and wants something a little different and Coffee mate flavored creamers allow us to do that.”

Merus sells Coffee mate tubs, pump bottles and powdered creamers. Steve says his reps appreciate the power of the brand. “They are not the cheapest products in our line-up, but they are certainly the best products. When we bring reps in and show them Coffee mate they love it because they can have quality products in action. You can really send them out in the marketplace with confidence.”

Steve chuckles when he says, “You can even convert non-coffee drinkers to coffee-drinkers. ‘Let me pour you a sample of our Southern Pecan coffee with a little Coffee mate Cafe Mocha and I bet you’ll like it.’ I think we’ve actually converted a few people to coffee drinkers with this creamer!”

Stats you can use on your next sales call*

  • 70% of consumers say they would think more highly of an employer that offered a selection of Coffee mate creamers.
  • 76% of people who drink coffee as an afternoon pick-me-up say they would be more likely to drink the office coffee if their employer offered Coffee mate flavored creamer.

Lots of love for flavored creamers*

  • 76% of iced coffee drinkers say that iced coffee creamed with a Coffee mate flavored creamer is a good substitute for an iced latte.
  • 72% of consumers say that they enjoy trying new/different creamer flavors.
  • 65% of consumers say that they enjoy trying seasonal creamer flavors.
  • 63% of consumers say that they enjoy trying unique creamer flavors.

Nielsen Data 52 Weeks Ending 1-26-19

* Datassential 2018

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