Breakfast ideas

Banking on Breakfast

According to Datassential, a leading food industry market research firm, breakfast is the fastest-growing meal of the day and is forecast to stay strong for the next four years. It’s even expected to outperform 95% of other food, beverages and ingredients between now and 2022.1

So, how can Coffee mate® creamers help you capitalize on the breakfast boom?

First off, coffee is the #1 breakfast beverage and 76% of people who buy their morning coffee on the way to work say they’d be more likely to purchase it at a place that offered Coffee mate flavored creamer over one that offered only milk or cream.2 So, serving the right creamer can actually help increase your coffee sales.

But that’s not all—because it turns out, they’re not just buying coffee. 78% of consumers who purchase a morning coffee say they sometimes or often purchase a breakfast or lunch item at the same time.2 That’s right. Once they’re in your operation, you have the opportunity to add incremental food sales.

Here are some other bright ideas to help your breakfast business rise and shine.



Breakfast has always been all about convenience. And today, it’s also about personalization. Busy consumers want their first meal of the day fast, hassle-free and exactly the way they like it. In fact, when it comes to coffee, 85% of consumers say that personalization is important to them.2 Coffee mate's foodservice portfolio of popular flavors and hard-working formats can help you make your coffee service quick and customized.

  • Offer Coffee mate in our easy-pump format to make self-service speedier.
  • Our foodservice portfolio features a full line of more than a dozen on-trend flavors to help every guest customize their cup.


Breakfast without Borders

Datassential’s Global Flavors Keynote Report from November 2017 shows 54% of consumers will go out of their way to try a new global food they’ve heard about and 24% of consumers purchase ethnic food from restaurants at least once a week.3 Even breakfast menus are going global, and Coffee mate can help.

  • Latin handhelds like empanadas, burritos and arepas filled with eggs, cheese and sausage are perfect for grab-and-go breakfast. Offer them with Mexican hot chocolate flavored with Coffee mate Cinnamon Vanilla Crème Liquid Creamer.
  • Serve coffee with Coffee mate Café Mocha and a breakfast biscotti on the side for a European-style signature upgrade.
  • Once an Indian specialty beverage, chai is now cooler than ever. Coffee mate's rich French Vanilla Creamer (available in a variety of formats from Liquid Creamer Singles to Liquid Bulk Creamer Station) makes it easy to offer a Iced Vanilla Chai.


Enter the Ice Age

Iced coffee and frozen coffee drinks were once more of an afternoon treat, but now they’re becoming part of breakfast menus everywhere—so much so that iced coffee consumption occasions increased 29% between 2013 and 2017.1

  • Iced coffee is an easy addition to any breakfast menu, and Coffee mate liquid creamer singles make cold custom flavors--from even easier.
  • As health-conscious patrons seek better-for-you breakfast items, drinks made with supplements such as whey powder, coconut oil, and vitamins are more popular than ever. Add rich vanilla flavor and creamy non-dairy appeal with our new plant-based Almond Milk Vanilla Liquid Creamer Concentrate Pump Bottle.
  • Popular with Millennials and known for its intense yet smooth flavor, cold brew has grown 635% on menus, with projected growth of 11.7% through 2022.4 Make the flavors even smoother with Coffee mate Italian Sweet Crème. And for an easy upsell, offer cold brew with hot food, like breakfast burritos and grain bowls.


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