Coffee-mate Success stories

Millions of faithful fans have made Coffee-mate America’s #1 creamer.*

When they know they can find it at your location, their loyalty to your business increases, and you can be sure that they’ll be back. Just ask these successful businesses.

These operators from all across the country wrote in to our website with their success stories.

 Healthcare operates 24/7. We can’t survive without our Coffee-mate®! 
Tyson B. Solon Nursing Care Center, Solon IA
 Years ago we switched from another brand of liquid creamer to the Coffee-mate® brand. Last month, our sales of powdered cream was 5% of total sales and Coffee-mate® liquid creamer was 8% of total sales. Clients love the great taste and the longer shelf life. 
Paul M. Bay Coffee Service Co. , Inc. Corpus Christi, TX
 The Hazelnut creamer puts a smile on my residents’ faces. They want that creamer every time they have a cup of coffee. They think the creamer is the best thing since sliced bread. Thank you so much for making their days better! 
Nikki B. Greenfield Senior Living, Williamsburg, VA
 We use Coffee-mate® creamer in our sitdown deli. What a hit! All the coffee drinkers love it and our sales for breakfast have increased! Sweetness!! 
Chad P. Sunshine Foods, Brandon, SD
 Using Coffee-mate® has made the employees who work here happy and it has made the customers happy. I have never had one negative comment about the creamer we use and I have been using Coffee-mate® for over ten years. 
Jason W. Starkville Country Club, Starkville, MS
 Here at Southwestern Oregon Community College we could not live without our Coffee-mate®. 
Michelle E. SOCC, Coos Bay, OR
 I work at Hardwood Lumber in Burton, Ohio. We have about 75 workers here & coffee with Coffee-mate® is a must to start our day. Our customers appreciate it. 
Kelliann T. Hardwood Lumber, Burton, OH
 At Your Second Family we only use Coffee-mate®. It makes mornings something to look forward to!!! No other creamer stands a chance against Coffee-mate®. 
Missie L. Your Second Family, Cleveland, OH
 Our guests absolutely LOVE having a choice of Coffee-mate® creamer flavors. To me, it is such a personalized experience for the guests to have their choice and make their own coffee the way that they like it. 
Katie H. Fairfield Inn and Suites, Paducah, KY
 We offer free coffee to our customers in the morning, and they love Coffee-mate® with their coffee. Much better than the generic stuff. Happy customers in the morning make for a better day! 
Adam R. Bay Insulation, Cleveland, OH
 Our guests love to see the Coffee-mate® brand name! I ran out of Vanilla once & had to substitute with another brand; it was NOT a welcomed change! I was asked nicely to make sure I had the Coffee-mate® Vanilla creamers for the next catered. 
Gregory M. Southern Lehigh School District, Center Valley, PA
 Coffee-mate® is big at our hospital; we have the pumps and cups in the cafeteria. We also use them on the patient line for doctors and nurses lounges. Great variety. 
Gabe S. Good Samaritan Hospital, Vincennes, IN
 Coffee-mate® has made the mornings something to look forward to. 
Brad H. Kau Hospital, Pahala, HI
 We actually don’t charge for coffee at our hospital, and we provide the Coffee-mate® creamer in our cafeteria for free. We use the concentrated pump dispensers, with a dispenser rack, and the employees, family members, and physicians love it! 
Joseph K. Dauterive Hospital, New Iberia, LA
 We love displaying Coffee-mate® in our most popular cooler door: the milk door. That way, when customers are buying milk, they will remember that they need their Coffee-mate®, too. 
Diana R. Rich’s Mini Mart, Parma, OH
 In the restaurant business since 1989. Love it. Fun working with the young kids. Hard work but rewarding. Love Coffee-mate®. 
Sandi H. Juke box Restaurant, Delano, MN