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Use it to build incremental sales
Let them know you've got it.
Feature More Flavors
Ride the speciality coffee wave
Chill and Thrill

Coffee-mate®, America’s #1 brand of creamer, is dedicated to foodservice and to helping you build your business. Coffee-mate® actually has the power to make consumers more loyal to your brand. In fact, 72% of consumers who use Coffee-mate® most often would pass by a location that doesn’t serve their preferred creamer to get to one that does.*

Here are some easy ways to become a true “creamer destination.”

Use it to build incremental sales.

67% of Coffee-mate® users say if a location offers their preferred brand of creamer, they are more likely to buy other items there.*

Let them know you’ve got it.

65% of consumers say they’d buy coffee more often from a location that offers Coffee-mate®.*

Feature more flavors.

63% of consumers agree that part of the fun of drinking coffee away from home is trying new creamer flavors.* Only Coffee-mate® offers both liquid and powdered creamers in the flavors America loves.

Ride the specialty-coffee wave.

74% of consumers say coffee with a flavored creamer is a good substitute for specialty coffee.* Offer a rich-tasting “Caramelatte”—using house coffee with Coffee-mate® Vanilla Caramel creamer.

Chill and thrill.

Offering profitable iced coffee drinks is as easy as adding French Vanilla or Sweetened Original to your house coffee and serving over ice. Or blend to make a refreshing coffee frappé.

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*Lieberman Research Worldwide, October 2012