Coffee mate Butterbeer
A whimsical treat that puts the ‘mug’ in muggle.
1 Tbsp
salted butter, room temperature
5 each
Butterscotch Flavor Nestlé Coffee mate Liquid Coffee Creamer tubs
1 1/4 cup
cream soda
1/4 cup
heavy cream

Whisk room temperature butter and 4 Coffee mate Butterscotch Creamers together until you get a creamy texture. Warm 1/2 of the cream soda for 60 seconds in the microwave. Blend butter mixture with warm cream soda until fully combined. Top butterbeer mixture with the remaining cream soda. To make foam topping: Blend heavy cream and 1 Coffee mate Butterscotch Creamer together until frothy. Pour on top of the butterbeer to give it a foamy finish. Serve.