Snacking ideas

Snack attack!

Snacking started as a consumer craze, but it’s recently become a foodservice phenomenon, too. Snacking away from home shows robust growth and room for more. According to Datassential, the number of snacks on menus has grown 12.7% since 2013, with 96% of operators offering “snackable” menus.1

Coffee-mate® can help you cash in on this major new menu part. And not only because coffee creamed with Coffee-mate flavored creamer is the perfect snack in its own right. When you combine that coffee with a food item, you have two profit-driving ways to fuel snacking sales.


Coffee's Plus-1

64% of all snack purchases include a beverage, according to Technomic Snacking Occasions Consumer Trend Report, 2016, and 35% of consumers say they’d be interested in a themed food and beverage pairing, making the snacking occasion the perfect way to invite more coffee sales.

  • Bundle Coffee-mate Hazelnut creamer-flavored iced coffee with chocolate-coated biscotti that are wrapped and ready to go by the coffee station.
  • Offer warm churros with Mexican Mocha coffee made with Coffee-mate Cinnamon Vanilla Crème.
  • Add a mini-donut-stick to the top or side of flavored coffee for a dunk-ready treat.


Seasonal LTOs

35% of consumers would be interested in a themed food and beverage pairing, such as “holiday classics,”3 and 65% of consumers say that they enjoy trying seasonal creamer flavors.4


The Original Snack

74% of consumers agree that coffee creamed with Coffee-mate flavored creamer is a good snack2. Here’s how to “snackify” any cup.

  • Make coffee extra-indulgent by flavoring it with Coffee-mate Butterscotch Liquid Creamer and topping it with whipped cream and candy crumbles.
  • Offer a Sugar-Free Caramel Vanilla Frappe garnished with whipped cream and chocolate-dipped pretzel pieces.
  • Create an irresistible afternoon coffee-bar menu with easy-to-make, easy-to-love speciality drinks like a Vanilla Blackberry Frappe or a Frozen-Blended Chocolate Covered Banana.
  • And the simplest snacking solution of all? Offer a selection of Coffee-mate flavors! 73% of people who regularly have coffee as an afternoon snack say they would be more likely to purchase coffee from a location that offered a selection of Coffee-mate flavored creamer instead of only milk or cream.5


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