Coffee Mate Success Stories

Speaking of good reviews, here are some of our favorite Coffee mate success stories from real operators who have used our quality creamer products to their business’s best advantage. If you have a Coffee mate success story you’d like to share, let us know by clicking here. Your operation might even be featured in our trade advertising campaign!

Emily H, Gainesville City Schools — “Coffee mate has helped our school coffee shop increase sales by bringing in a recognizable brand that students crave. The shop is run by students, who are always aware of trending flavors and food combinations. However, with strict nutritional standards, we are limited in the type of products we can purchase to be sold during the school day. The Coffee mate small portion cups (tubs) are the perfect way to keep us in compliance! They enable us to offer a variety of flavors without stocking a large number of products. We love that they are shelf-stable because of the long breaks in the school year. Coffee mate keeps us relevant and on-trend with our school-age customers!”
Nicolle P, Trinity Area School District — “As a K-12 School Food Service Director, I struggle with finding items that fit into the regulations and that will deliver a sales performance that can help carry the financial sustainability of my program. Iced coffee has been a game changer, as our high school students love it! Our breakfast sales are up 38% at our high school and the demand for different flavors has been fun for my staff to experiment with. The Coffee mate brand helps to drive the sales, as students recognize, and ask for, the same flavors that they see in the grocery and retail environment. We love Coffee mate and how it’s helped our school nutrition program!”
Cathy W, Pioneer Villa Truck Plaza — “We were able to reduce our creamer footprint in our c-store, and offer customers more choices for different coffee roasts by switching from offering several different flavors of single-serve creamer tubs to just offering Coffee mate in a pump bottle in a couple of the best-selling flavors like French Vanilla. Also, we reduced costs over the single serve tubs, since people were pocketing several extra flavored creamer single serve tubs with each coffee purchase. I am also planning to get some signs to get our customers excited for the eco saving aspect, since the pump bottles are less waste than the single-use tubs. I’m hoping this will encourage purchase of our reusable mugs, which have our company name and address on it, and make for excellent advertising!”
Ellen G, Creative Restaurants — “Coffee mate has helped grow our business through increased sales of hot beverages and use in recipes. We use multiple flavors to appeal to a wider clientele, and our customers appreciate that we carry a variety for everyone, including sugar-free varieties. Thanks to Coffee mate, our beverage business has grown exponentially. I look forward to the new flavors and combinations that patrons can make with the many varieties that Coffee mate comes in. Thanks to the popularity of Coffee mate flavors, we have needed to extend coffee service past the breakfast hour to all hours of the day and evening, and even after dinner service. We have even started baking with Coffee mate in some of our breakfast pastries. This adds flavor, pairs well with our coffee service and adds profits to our bottom line.”
Wendy K, Homewood — “Coffee mate has really improved worker morale during their early morning shifts and adding flavor to their afternoons. It has also provided a pleasant experience for waiting customers. We have to keep a lot of creamer on hand because we go through it so quickly. We are happy to provide Coffee mate to everyone that comes into our building. There is a better sense of community with the shop workers and more pleasant attitudes since we started using Coffee mate. There is nothing better than a happy crew and happy customers, and Coffee mate has helped make both of those possible thanks to their wonderful and delicious creamers.”
David A, Gem Stop — “I am the assistant manager at a small gas station in a very rural town of 300 people. I was amazed at how changing our coffee creamer from plain old powder creamer to Coffee mate concentrate has driven our coffee sales through the roof. Everyone in town now comes to our store to get their daily coffee. We carry three flavors: French Vanilla, Sweet Cream and Hazelnut and we have to keep extra cases on hand so we don’t run out! We can’t wait to try all the other flavors, too. Thank you, Coffee mate for making life easy!!! I will be a life-long customer both at home and at my business.”
Lori P, Eurest Dining Services — “Coffee mate has the flavors customers are looking for, at the right price, for building my business. It’s also got the name recognition behind the brand that keep customers happy. The flavors are a perfect accompaniment to our dessert offerings and a great way for those cutting down on calories to have a flavorful treat, but without eating a large piece of cake or pie. With the advertising that Coffee mate does, it’s like a free ad for my business - and a win-win for all. I can’t wait to see what new flavors will be coming out to compliment the favorites that we already have.”
Marc D, Ben-Mar Restaurant — “Here at Nikki’s at the Ben-mar, we’ve always been “old school” with our coffee service, using those little stainless-steel pitchers to serve coffee creamer, like an old diner stuck in the 1920s! Since offering Coffee mate creamers, our sales have risen 28%!! This brand completely changed our coffee service, even prompting us to replace our coffee cups with new, trendy ones! The added benefit of using a brand we, and our guests, trust, we’re now actually “known” for our coffee!”
Annette S — “Wow. I can’t tell you how often Coffee mate has saved me. As a caterer, it is imperative that I always have on me all of the necessary accompaniments to dishes, and drinks that will accommodate my clients’ requests and interests. Your single-serve tubs have saved me hundreds of dollars over the years because of their ability to be transportable and delicious – and not to mention – can be used in a number of different ways as a cream substitute. There was one instance when I was running an open bar, and there was one patron who absolutely demanded that he have a White Russian. Well, I didn’t have any of the milk on-hand I’d need to prepare that drink, but I did have some of your creamers at my coffee bar. So, I added some of those, shook the ingredients together, and he said it was one of the best he’s had. Thank you!!!”
Sean C, Hope Valley Diner — “We used to use our distributor’s brand of shelf-stable creamer product in our diner, with no real feedback from our customers. But one time, our front-of-house operation was having a huge rush, and our catering business also had a large catering order to deliver, both of which required creamers. We quickly went to a warehouse store to purchase more creamers for the catering order, which happened to be Coffee mate brand. We chose those versus the store-brand because of trust in the brand name. The client was a regular, who immediately noticed the difference and asked about it. Being transparent, we disclosed what happened, and afterwards the client specifically mentioned how much better our coffee tasted with Coffee mate creamer to accompany it. We tried this with a few other deliveries, and based upon the positive feedback, we converted to using Coffee mate creamers for our catering, exclusively. This has made our catering brand stand out, with the recognized brand that Coffee mate offers, and which, in turn, gets us repeat and additional business.”