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Almond Milk.

Great taste. Plant-based.

Discover the newest non-dairy alternative — both ambient and plant-based — in a convenient foodservice-friendly pump.

Why Almond Milk creamer? Plant-based milks is now a staple for 48% of Americans4 and 83% of consumers that whiten their coffee are interested in plant-based creamer5.

Look what Coffee mate® can do for your business3


of consumers say that Coffee mate creamers can make even bad coffee taste good.

3 out of 4

consumers say that Coffee mate is their preferred flavored creamer away from home.


of consumers say they would think more highly of a location that offers a selection of Coffee mate creamers.

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The industry’s 1st ambient Almond Milk creamer in a pump bottle.

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Chocolate flavors rank top 5!3

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